Facilities around CUST

1. Banks

See the Sketch Maps of the banks (Bank's Map)?

1. Agricultural Bank of China(Xingfu-Street Branch, Changchun)

No. 477, Xingfu Street, Changchun


2. Bank of Communications(Weixing Square Branch)?

Tel: 0431-85390969

3. Bank of China(Weinisi Garden Branch, Changchun)?

No.808, Fanrong Road,Changchun


4. Postal Savings Bank of China (Weixing Road Business Agency)

No.248, Xingfu Street


5. Bank of Jilin Weixing Branch?

No. 8783, Renmin Street


6. Construction Bank of China(Huixin Branch, Changchun)?

Caifulingyu Building on Renmin Street


7. Bank of China(Weixing Road Branch)?

No, 6543, Weixing Road, NanGuan District

Tel :0431-81152877

8. Merchant Bank of China

Nanguan District, Changchun

9. Postal Savings Bank of China (Business Office on Fanrong Street)?

Gaoxing District, on Fanrong Road, Changchun (West to the Crossing of Diantai Street)


10. Construction Bank of China (Tuanfeng Savings Agency储蓄所)?

No. 26, Xingfu Street, Weixing Road, Changchun

2. Hospitals

See the map:(Hospital's Map)

Please go to see a doctor in the hospitals listed below for the sake of insurance reimbursement ,

A. Jilin University First Hospital

???? Address:?No.71, Xinmin Street, Chaoyang District, Changchun

???? Tel:0431-88782222

B. Jilin University Second Hospital?

???? Address:?No.198, Pingyang Street, Nanguan District, Changchun

???? Tel:(0431)88975634

C. Jilin University Sino-China Union Hospital

???? Address:?No.126, Xiantai Street, Jijikaifa District,

???? Tel:(0431)84995114

D. People’s Hospital of Jilin Province?

???? Address:?No.1183, Gongnong Street, Chaoyang District At the crossing of Hongqi Street)??

???? Tel:(0431)85595114

E. Changchun Chidren’s Hospital???

???? Address:No.1321, Beian Road, Kuancheng District (Nearby the First Experimental Primary School)??

F. Changchun City Central Hospital

???? Address:?No. 1810, Renming Street, Naguan District Nearby Chongqing Road)?

G. Emergency?

???? Tel:120.

3. Canteens

A. There are canteens at each campus of CUST (see campus map)

B. There are many restaurants around CUST, mostly crowded by both roadsides of Xingfu Street, Xingcheng International at the west corner of Weixing Square, Surroundings of Weixing Square and Roadside of Fanrong Road.