?CUST has established friendly cooperation relations with Buryat State University of Russia since 2004. Both sides cooperate closely in the exchange of teachers and students. CUST and Buryat State University established Confucius Institute at Buryat State University in 2007 under the support of China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language ( short for "Han ban") and the Education Department of Jilin Province. Confucius Institute at Buryat State University was inaugurated in July and put into operation in October of the same year.

????? At present, the Confucius Institute has 1 Confucius classroom (Confucius classroom at “Ulan Ude City third language middle school” was inaugurated in April 2012 ), 1 Sino-Russian legal center, 1 Sino-Russian social and cultural Research Center. Confucius Institute at Buryat State University has a total of 18 Chinese teachers and management personnel from China and Russia (6 teachers from China , 12 teachers ?from Russia), sound rules and regulations, and reasonable personnel staffing. There are office, ?teaching and research sections, classroom, Electronic Reading Room etc. teaching activity place with a total area of more than 1000 square meters. At present, almost 1000 students register in Confucius Institute at Buryat State University every year.????

Until August 2015, CUST has sent 5 Chinese Executive Deans, 8 Chinese teachers, 4 Chinese volunteers, 2 University Art Groups, 5 expert groups to Confucius Institute at Buryat State University; CUST has admitted about 500 long and short term Confucius Institute Scholarship ?students; CUST has organized Native Chinese teacher training Seminar 5 times; CUST has trained almost 100 East Siberian Chinese teachers; CUST has organized the compilation of 2 Native Chinese teaching materials, 2 education ?monographs on Chinese Teaching for Russian students and published more than 10 articles; CUST has organized Chinese Proficiency Test 11 times, a total of nearly a thousand people participate in the examinations.