A. How to get insured

????? CUST buys insurance for the students whose scholarship covers it. Other students need pay RMB 800/year to get insured in China and they can get the insurance card at the International Students Office on the day they start their programs.

????? Insurance Company:Lianhua International Insurance Brokers Co., LTD

????? Tel:??010-59731677,

????? Fax:??010-66217668,

????? Homepage:??,

????? E-mail address:??

B. Settlement of Claims:The student must make a call to 400-8105119-1 once an accident occurs to him/her or he/she needs hospitalizing. The company currently offers services in both Chinese and English.

C. If the student needs extra help, please turn to the teacher working at the International Students Office

D. The teacher in charge:Zhao Beifeng

????? Office:On the tenth floor of Huayuan Hotel

????? Tel:+86-431-85583373

????? E-mail