Our School International Students Participated in the CSC “Perception of the China-Ethnic Minority Harmonious Development” Theme Activities

From October 17th to 19th , our school 13 overseas students who were awarded by the “Chinese Government Scholarship” participated in the theme activities of “Perception of the China- Ethnic Minority Harmonious Development” which were organized by Chinese Scholarship Council for 3 days with the other five universities’ international students in Jilin Province.
The international students took "the most beautiful high train" to Yanji, fell the North Korea style,walked into the Northeast Folk Culture Village, experienced Kanto customs of local people, visited the China FAW group exhibition hall and production workshop, acknowledged China advanced automobile industrial.
The international students experienced the Chinese folk culture and the rapid development of the economy through this activity, helping them to know about China more deeply. This activity has been warmly welcomed by the international students.