IEEC held 2018 New Year‘s Party in Huayuan Hotel

On December 22nd, INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION AND EXCHANGE COLLEGE held "2018 New Year’s party " for international students of Changchun University of Science and Technology in banquet hall of Huayuan Hotel on the first floor. Ran He (Vice president of CUST) , Xinming Zhang (Dean of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College), Yining Zhang (Dean of Foreign Languages College), Yanling Yang(Dean of Arts College ), Jingbo Zhao (Dean of Law College), Xiaohua Wang( Dean of INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION AND EXCHANGE COLLEGE) and heads of relevant departments attended the evening party.

Ran He(Vice President of CUST) made a New Year's Day speech. She summed up work achievements made by IEEC, looked forward to the prospects of the future work of IEEC and expressed wishes of the new year.

Ran He(Vice President of CUST) made a New Year's Day speech.

An enthusiastic traditional Nigerian dance opened the prelude of the party. International students from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea brought passionate and sonorous chorus "learning", Russian students performed a fiery and dynamic modern dance "Kung Fu Panda" with rich Chinese elements, Sam from Tajikistan and Chinese students had a cooperative stunning “b-box” show, Bria from Laos and Ali from Kenya performed “Repeat the lip language” show vividly. The audience were full of praise. Teacher Mengchun Ding and Wenqiu Gao(special guests from Economics and Management College) brought breathtaking Beijing Opera as the acme of perfection. In addition, Thangka from Thailand and Suda from Laos jointly performed Thai dance, Nushenka from Mongolia brought traditional Mongolian dance. Song Medley performed by multi-national students let the audience enjoy different customs of the world and pushed the atmosphere of enjoyment to a climax. Finally, the party ended up with the theme song "I'm right here" of micro film " love in Changchun" that was directed and acted by international students of CUST.

“b-box” show

“Repeat the lip language” show

Beijing Opera

Mongolian dance

International students and Teachers of CUST gathered together on the joyful occasion to celebrate the New Year. The party warmed the hearts of international students and promoted cross culture communication.

(reported by IEEC; ?author: Yuhang Jiang; ?reviewer: Senhua Liu; ?editor: Li Cheng)