Micro film "love in Changchun" made by international students of CUST won the third prize in “2017 Changchun Summer Festival Tourism Micro Film Contest”

In order to further enrich cultural entertainment life of the general public and foreign friends in Changchun, promote the deep understanding of Changchun’s history and humanity by foreign friends in Changchun , enhance the influence of Changchun at home and abroad, many departments (including Changchun City Tourism Bureau, Changchun Foreign Affairs Office) jointly held "2017 Changchun Summer Festival Tourism Micro Film Contest".

International Education and Exchange College of CUST actively organized international students to participate in the competition, and provided various supports for students. Led by Lin Hanlon from Indonesia and Nguyen Ming Fang from Vietnam, many international students and Chinese students ?formed a “Micro Film Team " and divided the work according to their own specialty. The team wrote and directed micro film " love in Changchun ". In the Micro film “two international students met, knew and fell in love with each other in Changchun University of Science and Technology” is the main line of the story and the audience are led to enjoy the landscape features of Changchun.

After more than a month of intense shooting, the micro film finally presents a warm, romantic and humorous story. There are as many as ten filming scenes in the film. The film presents well the overall beauty of Changchun City’s Landscape. With its good story, excellent shooting techniques and post production, Micro film "love in Changchun" won the third prize among 137 films participating for “2017 Changchun Summer Festival Tourism Micro Film Contest” and got 10 thousand RMB CASH reward from Organizing Committee. The excellent performance of international students in our school redounds to the honor of the school and expands the social influence of the international students in our school.