IEEC students had fun when visiting Optical Science and Technology Museum of China

On November 17th, International Education and Exchange College of CUST organized international students to visit Optical Science and technology museum of China. There are more than 40 students with enthusiasm and curiosity on the tour. The Museum displays not only ?optical instruments and equipment but also history, Scientific research achievements of Changchun University of Science and Technology. During the visit, students became strong interest in the generation and application of light, as well as related scientific knowledge. Students listened carefully to the guide's introduction, were eager to experience a variety of optical instruments and equipment, and played related optical games.

carefully study

Explore the secrets of light

learn from playing games

Literature and Art

Group photos

With the closing time approaching, the students reluctantly left the Museum. On the way home, they said they wanted to come back? to explore more scientific knowledge.This event opened up the students' vision, increased knowledge, had a further understanding on ?the history and development of optics.

I will come back!