• Preparation
  • About arrival at CUST
  • Lodging Information

Student Guidance

Preparations before coming to CUST

1.1.1 After Receiving Admission Notice from CUST

A. Please confirm the detailed information written in the Admission Notice such as the student’s name, date of birth, major, the fees needed to charge and among others.

B. Please make an ordinary passport. CUST does not accept students with a diploma passport.

C. Requirements of the student’s Passport Photograph

????? 8 pieces
????? 48mm*33mm
????? White print
???? Electronic Photograph: Please send the electronic photographs to ***@*** via the your frequently used E-mail address along with the passport name, the date of birth as well as a scanned front page of the passport.

D. Physical Check up

????? A Physical check-up report is a must for a student to apply for a visa to come to China.
????? Upon the student’s arrival in China, the student will be required to get another physical check up used to apply for a residence permit.
????? It is unnecessary to make a residence permit for those who have already enjoyed a 150-day visa for a semester studies
????? The student is required to use standard Physical Check-Up form

E. Visa

Please apply for an X1/X2 Visa at China’s embassy in your country. There are two expirations concerning your visa: one is entry deadline and the other is a deadline before which you must make a residence permit after your entry into China.

1.1.2 Preparations for your life in China

A. About Clothing

Changchun locates in the north-east part of China with a relatively cold climate, so you are advised to bring with you some warm clothing against coldness exclusive your admission at September. It is also favorable to buy cotton-padded clothes and down coat in Changchun after your arrival because these stuff is not expensive to purchase here in the city, approximately RMB300-1000.

B. About Eating

There are canteens at each campus of the university and various restaurants nearby CUST. International students can also choose to cook by themselves at the kitchen which is specially provided for them on each floor in the dorm building. Students are advised to take some hometown condiments in case they are not acclimated to the food here in China in the beginning, however, they should observe the stuff is not against relating regulations of China’s customs

C. About lodging

CUST offers favorable dormitory available merely to international students with options of single room and double room excluding beddings.

D. About Arrival

Please come and enroll your name at CUST following the scheduled time to assure everything is processed smoothly without delaying your study, especially the beginning learners of Chinese language. The first month of the language courses is very important to the beginners.

1.1.3 Fees needed to prepare in advance

A. Early settlement expenditure

A student roughly needs RMB1000-2000 to buy daily used requisites such as beddings, toiletries, SIM card for mobile, IC card for bus and among others.

B. Living Expenses

Changchun is a medium-level-consumption city in China and the average expense of a majority of international students ranging from RMB1000 to RMB2000.

C. Electronics needed

A 4G mobile and a lap top are usually essentials for your study, so you either bring one with you or buy one in China after you come.

D. Miscellaneous Fees charged for various procedures

????? The admitted student must go to CUST to enroll his/her name upon his/her arrival and go to the authorized local police station to fill a within 24 hours. Otherwise, a fine of RMB500/day will be required to charge.

????? Physical check up -- A teacher will be designated to organize all the international freshmen to go to Jilin Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to do their physical examination. And the fee concerning the examination varies as follows:

????? a.The student is required to pay RMB399 to the Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to re-check up if his/her original report done in his/her country is disqualified.?

????? b.The student needs to pay RMB 60 or 90 to the Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau for the reconfirmation of the original physical check up if it meets the requirements.

????? c.If any item of the examination is missed or disqualified, the student will be required to re-check up at the hospital. The fee charged in accordance with different items he/she does.

????? d.It any alteration concerning the amount of the fee charged for physical check up, please follow the latest regulations issued by the Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. The validity of the report is 6 months.

????? About residence permit -- Residence permit is made at Exit-entry Administration of Changchun Public Security Bureau. A teacher is designated to help freshmen with their first application for the residence permit by taking them to the Exit-entry Administration. The fee charged for this item varies as follows,

????? a. RMB 400 is charged for residence permit under one year;

????? b. RMB 800 is paid for residence permit ranging from 1-3 years;

????? c. RMB 1000 is paid for residence permit ranging from 3-5 years.

????? d. RMB 30 is paid for photographs specialized to make a residence permit and the validity of the photo is 6 months .

????? e. The fee charged for this item is paid to the Exit-entry Administration. If any alteration concerning the fee, please follow the latest regulations issued by the Exit-entry Administration.

Student Guidance

????? Freshmen should enroll their names first at the international office of the International Education and Exchange College (shorted as IEEC) which locates on the 10 floor of the Huayuan Hotel in the south campus in CUST. CUST provides paid pick-up service, but it is rather expensive and needs reservation, so the preferable way is to come to CUST by oneself and the charge is cheap. The instructions are as follows,

1.2.1 Three ways are available if you take a train to CUST as follows

????? By tram, the student can take Line 3 at the south gate of Changchun Train Station and get off at Stop “Weiguang Jie” where the south campus of CUST locates.

????? By bus, the student can take bus 306 at the south gate of Changchun Train Station and get off at Stop “LI Gong Da Xue(CUST)” where the south campus of CUST locates

????? By taxi, it costs roughly RMB 22 plus RMB 1 for fuel surcharge from the Changchun Train Station to the south campus of CUST

1.2.2 Three ways are available from Longjia Airport to CUST as follows,

????? Airport Shuttle Bus, RMB 20 is paid for the bus ticket from the airport to Renming Square and then around RMB 15 is paid to reach the south campus of CUST by taxi

????? By high-speed train, RMB 10.5 or 8.5 is paid for the high-speed train ticket from the airport to the Changchun Train Station and then consult 1.2.1 to get to CUST. The first early high-speed train starts at 8:16 and the final starts at 21:15。
By taxi, it costs approximately RMB120 from Changchun Longjia Airport to the south campus of CUST by taxi

1.2.3 Two ways are available from the West Changchun Train Station as follows,

????? By bus&tram, Taking Bus 159 to get to the stop “Kuan Ping Da Qiao” where to make a connection by taking Tram Line 3 to “Weiguang Jie” where the south campus of CUST locates

????? By Taxi, it costs around RMB 32 plus RMB 1 fuel surcharge from the West Changchun Train Station to the south campus of CUST.

Student Guidance

CUST provides dormitory for international students, which locates on the 7-12 floors of Huayuan Hotel at the south campus. Two options of single rooms and double rooms are available.

1.3.1 On-campus accommodation

????? Those scholarship-granted students enjoy free of charge for their accommodation and they are arranged at proper type of rooms in accordance with the provisions issued for them. For example, Doctoral candidates with scholarship granted by the China’s government (including advanced scholars) are arranged to lodge in single room while master/bachelor’s degree candidates are arranged to lodge in double room. Moreover, the above mentioned are not allowed ask for subsidy to live off campus if there are sufficient rooms provided by CUST. Those who are free of charge to lodge in double room require to live in single room need submit applications to CUST and charge the difference between the double room and single room.

????? Those self-support students are required to pay for their accommodation referring to the standard listed on your Admission Notice or IEEC website Http://ieec.cust.edu.cn/

1.3.2 Lodging Off Campus
If the rooms in the dorm are insufficient for those free-of-charge students, extra lodging allowance is offered for them to rent a room off campus
Those self-support students need submit application first and can lodge off campus on condition that CUST permits.
Those who rent a house and live off campus must go by themselves to the authorzed local police station to get a filled-in “Temporary Lodging Form for Foreigners” issued by the local police station with signature and submit it to the international office.

1.3.2 Facilities Provided in the Dorm

A. Communal Facilities

????? Shared Kitchen, each floor is provided with a shared kitchen for international students with free charge of water and electricity while without utensils for cooking

????? Public Laundry, it is on the 10th Floor and you ought to use the washing machine under the janitors’ instructions

????? Public Reading Room, it is on the 12th Floor with more than a thousand books both in Chinese and foreign languages.

????? Public Gym, it is on the 13th Floor provided with Pingpang table and other keep-fit facilities

????? Mini-supermarket, it is on the first floor where you can take pictures, print or scan documents and among others .

B. Facilities inside the room

????? Bed, mattress, desk, chair, wardrobe; Separate washing room;

????? A paid-use Air-condition (Central Air-condition);

????? 120 KWH free of charge